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Introduces the essential foundation to be a successful DJ. Through BLEND, we cover the basics from beat matching, gear and software overview, and understanding beats and bars of music

  • Getting to know the gear
  • Understanding the beat
  • Program basics and getting to know your software
  • Essential beat matching and understanding BPM's
  • Learning the different ways of DJing

DJ 202: In The Mix

Emphasizes the importance of DJ 101.

BLEND introduces mixing theory, advanced transition techniques and experimental mixing.

  • Understanding the difference between beat matching and mixing
  • Advanced transition styles and combos
  • Basic scratching and cueing
  • Building sets and routine mixes
  • ​Advanced timing and reflex development 

DJ 303: Mix Master

Uses advanced techniques in building a well rounded DJ. We cover the importance of programming a mix for both live and recorded applications. Multi genre mixing, understanding grooves, notes and types of music.

  • Learn how to make and compose a live or multi track mix
  • Intro to turntablsim, basic beat juggling 
  • Field exercises and gig simulations
  • Spinning on different equipment

Introduces the student to the dynamic art form of scratching. Introduces drills to develop skills.

  • Level one freehand scratching, Hand control intro
  • Level one scratching, Crossfader / Up fader applications 
  • Transforming 
  • Level one tempo training 

TBL 202: On The Mat

​Introduces students to beat juggling and intermediate scratching 

  • Trick mixing, beat chasing 
  • Level two scratching, intermediate scratches, flare and crab combo's 
  • Level two reflex and timing exercises, drills
  • Intro to beat juggling 1 bar, 1/2 bar, 1 note
  • ​Scratch phrasing, combination games and exercises 
  • Intro to vocal cutting and syllable breakdown

TBL 303: The Art Of War

Adds more detail and builds endurance to a student's skill set

  • Level three scratching, muscle and endurance building 
  • Level three beat juggling, in the mix
  • Scratch drumming
  • Getting battle ready for DJ competitions
  • Advanced scratching 






We are happy to announce that we are now offering DJ classes! Give us a call or stop by and see our new studio. Now is your chance to learn from the pro's. Whether you are just starting to DJ or you want to produce your own beats, we can help you achieve your goal. Our instructors are professional DJ's and producers who have years of knowledge and experience in the industry to share with you.

​TBL 101: Ground Zero


​PRO 101: Learning The Ropes



To provide a one - on - one, in-depth approach to DJing that will encourage the growth and development for DJ's of all ages and skill levels.

DJ 101: The Jump Off




A la Carte class:   $90.00

Single Course:      $540.00

10% Discount if paid in full

All courses are private and are one on one with student and instructor 

Introduces the student to basic navigation and functionality of the production software of the students choice

  • Screen functionality 
  • Interface basics
  • Digital audio workstation ( DAW )
  • Song structure basics
  • Midi editing 
  • Intro to software Instruments 

PRO 202: Making Music

​The student will dive deeper into the software of their choice to learn how to create original works as well as learning the process of standard beat mixing. Create original beats using audio clips, audio effects and MIDI instruments.

  • Working with loops
  • Editing in the arrange view
  • Audio effects rack
  • Mix automation
  • ​Basic audio dynamics 
  • Recording within the program

PRO 303: A Real Producer

This course will focus on the use of advanced concepts in the software's Instruments, effects and racks to create unique sounds and mixes.

  • Advanced dynamics processing 

  • Sub mixing / Group tracks
  • Plug in automation 
  • Live recording
  • Advanced mixing techniques 
  • Audio master principles